The Age of Artificial

This generation is the opening of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) age. WharfAI is developing home assistants, office/school assistants and other technologies, all green and affordable.


The World Wide Web has never been smarter. We are minimizing manual tasks by converting them into automatic tasks. We are also working hard to improve the accuracy as well as quantity of online content through various machine learning technologies.


Ok WharfAI (you can customize the name)!

We are bringing our smart, affordable and easy to use tech to homes.

Working with your fellow colleagues or co-workers has never been easier. We are bringing modified versions of our home assistants to offices & schools around the world.


We are looking out for partners which could help us reach our goals and let us help them reach their goals

WharfAI, a brand by WHARFwebsite Pty Ltd, believes in the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI). WharfAI has been developing since 2012 to this moment. Thanks to the, association, we have one of the world’s best technology research programs; but every field has its own leader or at least its own player, so if you’re interested in working with us, contact us now!


We are still in what people call ‘stealth mode’ so nothing to see here :).


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what they say:

This project will make a difference more important than the very founding of the World Wide Web.

Abdullahi Hersi

Former Advisor to Mohammed Sadeq Al-Harafi of – 2018

A new generation is erupting and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the key of it.

Badr Dandash

Chief Executive Officer of Gargoil Incorporated – 2017

The world is in need of this new AI technology and WharfAI is serving this need.

Aymen Yassin

Former Journalist for FlatFur.News – 2017

The demand of cyber security is on the rise. The WharfAI team will fill in this demand with supply.

Riyan Sharif Fahim

Founder and former Managing Director of WHARFwebsite Pty Ltd. Former Managing Director of Fredrick Holdings Limited. Chairperson and Co-founder of the, association. President of Lemon Directory and The Iniftar Foundations’ – 2018

Machine learning is used more and more in the video gaming industry. The WharfAI team understands this more than anyone.

Mohammed Sadeq Al-Harafi

Co-founder, CEO and former Chairperson of – 2018

Technologies by the WharfAI team are just indescribably awesome.

Ashfaqur Rahman

Managing Director and Chair bearer of WHARFwebsite Pty Ltd. Former Chief Secretary of WHARFwebsite Pty Ltd and Birthday gift ideas, LLC. Managing Director, Chairperson/Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fredrick Holdings Limited – 2019

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